A portrait of Alice Okello
Alice Scovia Achan Okello

Alice is 28 years old and lives in Ceroleno, Gulu. She was kidnapped by the LRA in 2003. She has two sons, Emmanuel, and Jonanathan and also cares for her sister's son, John.

A portrait of Esther Adong
Esther Adong

Esther is 38 years and lives in Ceroleno, Gulu. She has a 14 year old son, Innocent, but also looks after her late sister's four children: Destiny, Junior, Brian, and Annette. Esther keeps a positive attitude that one day her son will get a better life than she did as a wife to a rebel soldier. Meanwhile, she runs a grocery store she started with money from her farm produce.

A portrait of Beatrice Adjok
Beatrice Adjok

Beatrice is 28 years old and live in Pece, Gulu. She was kidnapped by the LRA in 1996 from Lacor St. Mary's School where she used to go to school. As a single mother, Beatrice struggles with raising her three children James 18 months, Derrick, 11 and Peace her 14 year old daughter who was fathered by a rebel soldier. She hopes to become a medical nurse and is already volunteering at Gulu hospital as an HIV counselor. She also formed a group of young people living with HIV to try and educate her community about the disease.